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Zarlarketjes Market 3, June 8 2024

Our project

Hands and feet in the earth, grounding! Creating an educational playful experimental garden where children from nearby village schools learn to spin, card, comb, sow, plant, harvest, mow, weave, milk, create… 


As the icing on the cake, the enchanting market of Nachtwacht is revived, where children sell their self-made seasonal products and where there’s much more to experience! This self-created ‘short chain’ proves that super difficult questions about a guarantee for the future sometimes have a very simple answer.

Zarlarketjes workshops

Do you, as a school near Zarlardinge, wish to participate in one of our children’s workshops and the children’s market on June 8th?

If you are a school or organizer and would like more information about the possibilities to book a customized visit or camp: Send an email for more information to:
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