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Three Majestic ash trees welcome you at the entry of the farm.  They have been caring for inhabitants and visitors for more than 300 years, providing shadow in summer and shelter in winter. Surrounded by 15 hectares of gardens, orchards, grass fields, pounds, sources and forest, a beloved chestnut tree pictures the center of a huge cobblestone courtyard encircled by ancient brick stone settlements that harbor more magic places than you could imagine.

Rewilding: Only a small part of the land is in use for human purpose like gardening and domestic animals, leaving the biggerpart for nature to rewild and create her own little paradise for all creatures great and small.


From dawn till dusk Lucie and Hadewich weed, rake, plant, compost, pick and harvest in their magnificent gardens.

In springtime a little flower blooms …

Let it grow, it’s a Forget-me-not! The blue treasure is followed by a velvet leaved Marygold, chased by violets and mignonettes.

Mycorrhizae are capable of doing absolutely anything: reboosting soil, cleaning plastic and toxic waste, providing bees and insects of medicine, purifying water and act as a communication source for trees and their little ones.

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