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The Farm


A lot of nature and

a little bit of rock 'n roll 

This is the place where you can find Mozart having a drink with the Beastie Boys and Django Reinhardt.  But they all go quiet when the birds start singing.

And if you listen close enough, you can hear culture, history and nature whispering to each other 'you rock!'.



Three big ash trees welcome you when you arrive at the farm. They have been here caring for the inhabitants of the farm for more than 300 years, providing shadow in summer and shelter in winter.


The farm is surrounded by 15 hectares of grass fields, pounds, sources and trees.  A majestic chestnut tree pictures the center of a huge cobblestone courtyard surrounded by old brick stone settlements.

Time stood still on the farm. If you listen carefully, you can hear history whisper through the leaves of the trees. Let them tell you their secrets and you'll be forever grateful!


From dawn till dusk Lucie and Hadewich weed, rake, plant, compost, pick and harvest in their magnificent gardens.

In springtime a little flower blooms …

Let it grow, it’s a Forget-me-not! The blue treasure is followed by a velvet leaved Marygold, chased by violets and mignonettes. ..


The sunflowers come out to play! Let’s prepare some rope and bamboo, they grow at least 16 feet high.

In the middle of summer to great surprise of butterflies, bumbles and bees, everyone kept wondering... where are the vegetables? 


The Gevaert family from Sint Martens-Latem was at the heart of many inspiring cosmopolitan and ecological projects during the during the 20th century, that had an impact far beyond the art village. Art painter Edgar Gevaert founded a family of eleven children there together with Marie Minne (daughter of sculptor George Minne), and laid the foundations for the ideas around the Lima factory and Vrijstaat Latem, which reached their peak in the period after May 1968.

More on our family here :
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